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Quick Tips For Women Golfers

There were few women golfers some 30 years ago but now that has changed. It is common to see women teeing off on the golf course as well as major tournaments. In fact, there are competitions specifically for women golfers only. If you are one of those women looking to compete in tournaments or even if you are just a woman looking to beat your friends, there are a number of tips and techniques that many golfers have yet to master. Some are common sense and others are tricky. But if you apply them to your game, they will give you a clear advantage over the competition. For instance, never forget to do your warm-up properly before a practice session or even when playing. Warming up allows for the body to loosen up; and stretching will help your muscles perform better, which will allow you to get maximum strength when hitting the golf ball from the tee or the fairway. Warming up will also make the body last longer and allow you not to tire out quickly. A good warm-up and warm-down will r…

Finding That Perfect Golf Swing

Are you having trouble getting that swing into action and you don’t want to spend a fortune on an instructor who will teach you what you already know? Here are some tips that can help you find that perfect golf swing. First of all, to get any good swing in motion, you will need to relax. You may already have the best motion, but you still need to brush it up slightly and be more relaxed. Just pretend no one else is there. Only you are there and no one is judging your game. Or maybe your golf grip is giving you some trouble. There are different variations of golfing grips and you should choose one that feels right for you and stick with it. Finding grips can be a simple case of trial and error, but you will find the ones that best complement your swing. It may take longer, but it will be worth it in the long run. If you don’t have a good stance, then you will more than likely end up with a bad swing and a bad follow-through. But don’t worry: it’s not difficult to get that good stance…

Get to Know the Distances You Hit Your Golf Clubs

If you have played the game of golf for any length of time, you would no doubt agree with me that it can be an awesome game but at the same time, it can frustrate the snot out of you! One area of frustration comes from players not knowing the average distance they hit each club in their bag. Have you ever stood in the fairway after pacing out the yards you have to hit to the center of the green, and realize you are not sure which club to hit? This could be because you are not familiar with how far you hit each club.

So what is an easy way to figure your average distance? One way is to go to your local driving range, however, this may not be the best choice because you cannot really get an accurate reading on how far you hit each club.

So my recommendation, and this is what I did, is to find an open field somewhere. You should be able to find one somewhere near you. Put something on the ground every 10 yards. You can pace out the yards, or you can use a digital range finder like I did. O…

Beginners Consider Golf Clone Components

Golf Clone Components

A lot of golfers have heard of clone golf clubs. Clones clubs are generics compared to the original designs that they were taken from, but for golfing beginners they are perfect. If were to consider buying clone golf clubs you will save yourself some money.
You can even get these clubs custom fit for you to swing, making them perfect to learn the game of golf with. If you want to build your own golf clubs, you can even purchase golf clone components and put together your own clone sets. Clone golf club components are very cheap to buy and with a little bit knowledge of how to put a golf club together, you could have a really nice set of custom made golf clubs all made to look the original brand name but made from nothing but golf clone components.
Golf Clone Company
Pinemeadow Golf is a company that offers completed clones. They look like the originals and for a beginner, they will play like the brand name clubs that they clone. If you are looking to get into the g…

Travel in Style with a Handy GPS

Gone are the days where a person had to make use of a paper travel map in order to find out how to get from one place to another. Now there is new technology referred to as GPS systems or global positioning systems. These devices, which have been utilized by the military for many years have recently become fashionable with the public. These are electronic gadgets that come in numerous kinds, from handheld models to display models which might be mounted or even in-dash in some newer cars. These devices, that are managed by satellite, work by punching in a starting address and the ultimate destination address. As soon as that info is put into the GPS, the GPS will guide the particular person step by step, turn by turn until the person has arrived at his or her destination. Some GPS systems will really talk to you and inform you exactly the place to turn and when others are merely an interactive map that may show you on a display when and where to turn, however, is not going to give ver…

Improve Your Golf Score-Putting

If you want to improve your golf score it is imperative that you learn how to putt better. The old adage is 'practice makes perfect' and that is especially true when it comes to putting. Learning to putt from medium to short ranges can lower and improve your overall golf score. Making putts can indeed increase your confidence and with this boost in confidence, you will enjoy the game more. Learning the art of putting is the simplest way to make an improvement in the golf game.

Here is a putting drill that you can use to help accomplish this. Go to your local practice putting green and take your putter and place the toe into the cup and lay the club onto the ground. Place a tee into the ground near the butt of your putter. Now pick up your putter and place the toe of your putter next to the tee that you just put into the ground. Place another tee into the ground near the butt end of your putter. Do this one more time and now you have 3 distances you can practice your putts with.

Discount Golf Club Advice

If you're looking to purchase discount golf clubs you are able to do it in different ways. The first process would be to purchase a golf club made by a big brand name when the store is promoting a sale. Another would be to purchase a clone from a provider of discount clone clubs. Before you make up your mind on either choice, you should learn more about the differences in the two choices.

Purchasing Clone Golf Clubs:

Whenever buying a clone of the original brand named golf club, the final product without the brand name, should appear and play much like the brand name. A cloned golf club will use the same parts as the original. They're also assembled similarly to the original brand name product. Many golfers favor a certain brand name, hopefully, due to quality and not name alone. All the same, a cloned item will make a good golf club and the price is lower.

Discount golf clubs save you a lot of money particularly if you are a player who isn't hooked on the major brands. Make …

Are Callaway Clubs The Best Choice For You

No matter how long you've been golfing, it's likely which you have heard with the Callaway brand of golf clubs and accessories. They're one of the top suppliers for that whole golf industry. If you happen to be inside the market for new golf clubs, you may probably need to look at Callaway merchandise at some point. They're definitely not for everyone (as no golf club is), but they provide a huge enough variety of merchandise that you may just be in a position to locate something which you would like to use. Here I will describe some of the elements offered by Callaway clubs, and what sorts of golfers use them. Callaway is incredibly famous for its drivers which are in a position to hit balls further than any other drivers. Most on the time these are against regulation for actual official golf games, but if that you are just going out towards the driving assortment then there shouldn’t be a difficulty. The engineers at Callaway devote literally years developing the dr…

Concentrate on Improving Your Golf Swing

Playing golf is fun, but so is playing golf well. In order to play golf well, you need to practice and to try and make improvements in your golf swing. Professional golfers spend an abundance of time practicing their game and especially their golf swing. And they hire swing coaches and other professionals to help them to make improvements. The majority of us don't have that kind of time or resources. But if your main goal is to simply enjoy the game of golf and to make a few minor improvements in your golf swing all you have to do is to make some easy adjustments in your swing mechanics. 

Keeping it simple and focusing on the basics of a proper golf swing will help you. If you do this you will be able to, in time, correct any swing flaws that you may have, such as a hook or a slice. So here are some simple tips you need to know about getting your basic golf swing into shape.

- Start by standing with your feet about shoulder-width apart and they should be pointing ever so slightly ou…

What are the Best Golf Balls for Beginners?

Best Beginner Golf Balls
The market is saturated with all kinds of golf balls to choose from.  You have X balls, hot balls, ladies balls, and numerous others that are available.  Then there is price. How much are you willing to spend?  So if you are a beginner you may be wondering how to simply choose the right kind of ball for you.  What are the best golf balls for beginners? Which ones are the best?

A stronger golfer will usually compress the golf ball so they should choose a higher compression ball. On the other hand, a weaker golfer should pick a softer compression golf ball.  A good rule of thumb is the higher-priced golf balls are made for better players and lower priced golf balls are designed more for slower swing speeds and beginners.

However, picking a golf ball can still be very confusing when trying to determine 'the right golf ball for ME!'  Especially when you come to find out that last year over a thousand models of golf balls were produced!  WOW!!  So here is an e…

Swing Golf Tips for Beginners

Golfers work hard at trying to make improvements to their golf swings. Lower scores usually come with improvements in the golf swing. The practice is the one and the only thing that will help you. Here is some advice to improve your golf swing and score.

Music and the golf swing have much in common. Balance, rhythm, and tempo are essential in music as it is in golf. So it goes with the golf swing! Good music comes about because of a solid foundation. Having the proper stance in golf is what makes a good foundation.

When you practice hitting balls adjust the width of your stance to find the best stance that works for you. Try both wide and narrow stances. A lot of golfers find their perfect stance to be about shoulder-width apart. Once you have found your perfect golf stance practice it over and over again so that it becomes natural. You will also need to practice the various types of weight shifts throughout the golf swing. This is a very important part of the golf swing and it is more …

As a Beginner-How to Improve My Golf Swing

The golf swing is something that a lot of golfers practice at improving. Golf swing improvement usually means a lower golf score. The practice is the one and the only thing that will help you. To aid you, here are a few golf swing tips.

I like to compare the golf swing to the music. Music needs to have a good tempo, good rhythm, and balance to work right. So it goes with the golf swing! The foundation of a song makes it good music. Just like music, a good golf swing must have a solid foundation and this starts with a golfers stance.

While hitting balls at the driving range, concentrate on adjusting the width of your stance to find the one that is suitable for you. Try a different combination of stances, from wide to narrow. If your stance ends up about shoulder-width apart you will have harmonized with most golfers. Once you have found your perfect golf stance practice it over and over again so that it becomes natural. You will also need to practice the various types of weight shifts th…

Using the Mental Aspects of Golf to Improve

Golf Mental Tip#1-Stay in the Moment
Whether you hit a good shot or a bad shot, learn to 'quiet' your mind immediately after striking the ball. Hit the ball and then forget about the outcome. By forcing your mind to stay in the moment, you will gradually avoid the highs and the lows that most golfing amateurs experience. In time, your scores will improve.

Golf Mental Tip#2-Quickly Make a Decision
Evaluate your situation, pick your target, and then execute. Learn to do this quickly using total focus and commitment. Not only will this speed up overall play, but also it will keep the left side of your brain from over-analyzing the shot, and it will allow the right side of your brain to naturally take over.

Golf Mental Tip#3-Practice Difficult Shots-Use Variety
The practice is important, so when you do practice don't practice from the same lie over and over again. Mix it up by using variety. Practice hitting your ball from uphill lies, downhill lies, with the ball above your feet, …

How to Putt Better, Beginners

It's sickening to realize how many strokes are lost on the putting green. Have you ever scored a bogey or worse simply because you missed your putts on the green? It's really aggravating when you have a 2 to 7-foot putt for birdie or par and you miss it. Amateurs, including beginners, do not make putts over 8 feet on a regularly. Within 7 feet though, we should be able to make a good majority of them. We can easily improve our golf scores if we concentrate on making short putts. To become better at making short putts we need to really practice. 
Practicing long and mid-range putts is important but they rarely go in on one shot. These types of putts should be practiced to get the ball within 3 feet of the hole. But we would do better if we focused the majority of our practice on short putts. Professionals know this and so it would be beneficial if we recognized this also. Many Professional golfers have missed short putts thus missing their opportunity to play on the weekend.

The Mental Part of Golf-How to Improve

There are a number of ways to strengthen your golf game. One way that is turning out to be common, for example, people are acquiring the rewards of coaching their brains for golf. The problem is most golf instructors and almost all books on golf don’t stress the importance of practicing mind power. Integrate some of these or all of these golf mental tips outlined below, and it's a good chance that your golf game will become better. What is awesome, is you can improve without having to spend a ton of time practicing your game!! You can do this if you learn to prepare your mind properly.
Golf Mental Suggestion#1-Remain in the MomentRegardless of whether you hit a very good shot or an undesirable shot, learn to 'quiet' your mind instantly after striking the ball. Hit the ball and then forget about the end result. By forcing your mind to stay in the moment, you will regularly stay away from the highs and the lows that most golfing amateurs experience. In time, your scores will …